DT's Hidden Ferret Run

Courtesy of Yourself and a Zoom-enabled Device

The New Hash CoVid-19 Regime

Part ONE : The Run - Courtesy of DT & Hidden Ferret
Tuggers Netball Assoc. Carpark, Calwell District Playing Fields
any random time after 2pm Sunday 31 May up until Part Two

 This is where you may or may not elect to do the run which WILL be a set trail BUT done by yourself at a random time after 2pm Sunday and before 6pm Monday, observing social distancing rules.

Part TWO : The Zoom Circle - Monday 1 June 7:30pm

This is where you connect to a virtual circle on Monday night using Zoom, ferret in-hand, preferably in-season.  This is where you get to abuse the hare, the trail, stroke ferret and not have any issue with driving home.  See the Zoom Circle How-to below for details on how that will work.  But note that you have to email Gerbils to obtain the Zoom meeting password.  (Tip : it will be the same password as last week.)

Zoom Circle How-to
(note that Zoom version 5.03 was released about 15 May so get it here)


Drunken Tiger Hidden Ferret ... sounds OK to me !


When : 6pm every Monday
Cost : $15 for a drink stop, food after the circle and about 2 hours of hash bucket
Contacts : see Contact Us and phone, email or subscribe to Yahoo mailing list