Dili’s Ring Cycle

Pardon me for being so frivolous, but yesterday’s break-out from Becora Prison was just what was required to provide the necessary twist to make a good old rollicking opera.

Major Reinado and all 56 of the lads escaped at around 2pm. No-one seems to know just how and when yet, but I am sure that at least one of the 100+ Timorese prison guards ought to know something.

The lads managed to evade the NZ military patrols in the area and as far as I know, have vanished.

I suspect it was no coincidence that yesterday was a Timorese public holiday, and that the Malaysian military contingent left yesterday as well plus the first of the NZ military withdrawals. And also in a period prior to the establishment of a bigger UN police group. And also the same day as an Australian SBS Dateline documentary on the subject of a coup.

Is this going to be a single sitting opera, as long as Wagner’s Ring or what ?

2 thoughts on “Dili’s Ring Cycle

  1. i’d love to know your thoughts on whether the guy SHOULD have been in prison.

    Was it the right move by Australia to put him there?

  2. Technically, he probably should have been. But I don’t know how you handle a situation where someone does what he did because he thinks the current system stinks and needs change.

    The gunfight which appeared on OZ SBS TV would seem to be his main problem but personally, I remain unconvinced about a few things. Alfredo is no fool and I have not found anyone who can explain just why he was in the hills just behind Becora at that time. I don’t buy into the claim that he came down to attack the military. It does not make sense to me.

    And as for a prison, even though it looks like a prison, I am told that Becora prison is more like a day care centre.

    And as for “the right move”, any foreign force should not be in the business of deciding these things based on political moves, no matter how hard they wish.

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