Final provisional results except for …

The “final provisional unlikely to be changed (much) penultimate” presidential election results were released to the public this afternoon :

Candidate Total Votes Percentage of Vote
Francisco Guterres “LuOlu” 112666 27.29%
Avelino Coelho 8338 2.06%
Francisco Xavier do Amaral 58125 14.39%
Manuel Tilman 16539 4.09%
Lucia Lobato 35789 8.86%
Jose Ramos Horta 88102 21.81%
Joao Carrascalao 6928 1.72%
Ferdinand de Araujo “LaSama” 77459 19.18%
TOTAL VALID VOTES 403946 99.40%

The total valid votes represent about 77% of the 522,903 registered voters and I think 82% actually voted (ie meaning 5% invalid for whatever reason – blank, not distinguishable or plain incorrectly filled in). I am not sure if all complaints have been thoroughly gone over and sorted. And these results are subject to appeal.

There will no doubt be a press release which answers some of the questions and explains where to from here.

This means that LuOlu and Ramos Horta will be contesting the run-off election. What may have happened if Ramos Horta had never put his name in ?

I am lucky that my deadline is when I get home and have something to say !

2 thoughts on “Final provisional results except for …

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  2. Thanks for the figures.

    Avelino Coelho would have done well to clone himself for more campaigning.

    Impressed by figures for Lucia.

    Xavier and of course Lasama I expected to do well. What happens to this 8 + 14 + 19 % of the vote?

    Wonder what Fretilin is thinking right now!

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