The 3rd Annual First Lady Cup

OK, now I have a reason to peel off that excess holiday flab (caused by increased ingestion of Super Bok and Sagres no doubt) and prepare myself for the 3rd Annual First Lady Cup.

This is a 10km fun run from the Palacio to just short of the CazBar (ie going east along the seafront) and back. Walkers have an abbreviated 5km walk which just might get them to Hotel California and back (if you care.)

Mark your card for Sunday 18 November at 8am. Just in case I perform poorly, my excuse this time (recorded in advance for efficiency) is that I do not perform well on Sunday at 8am.

An advertising flier is available here.  Will add application form when I get one myself.

3 thoughts on “The 3rd Annual First Lady Cup

  1. Regret I can’t be there to photograph all this pageantry.
    If you’re sure you will survive, you can meet me afterward
    at . I am the Russell
    Crowe look-a-like but always sit among the Kiwis.
    Btw, the event refers to the old First Lady, or there is truly a new one?

  2. My photos will have very few Lips, mostly behinds. Obviously you have the physique of Mr.Crowe or maybe that deep voice which no doubt suggests you wear those loose fitting boxer shorts – a direction I may be considering on my next holiday.

    As for the First Lady, changing First Men is always likely to cause these hiccups for (unpaid) organisers who have all these carefully printed banners and other paraphernalia from past runs. I guess Kirsty is still the next best thing but let’s consider the issue if the First Man really was a First Woman, who is the First Lady then ?

    Or if the First Man was gay … but let’s not go there.

  3. I am assured that JRH has given approval for Kirsty to remain as First Lady for whenever a First Lady is required for official purposes such as this one.

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